Faustian contract

↳ ❝ The contract is the “scar” that the demon leaves so that he does not lose the person he contracted with. No matter where, the “contractor” has great authoritative power.

Yet, on the other hand…

               He would never be able to escape from the demon. 

                                        — Kuroshitsuji, Yana Toboso



one piece anniversary

day 6 » relationships/interactions 

∟ luffy + his crew  

okay i was going to write an analysis but let’s be quick: luffy’s relationship with his crew is super important because he even though he has a different relationship with each of them, he treats them all equally and respectfully, which in turn makes their relationships that much more precious. please don’t tell me he values any crew member more than another, because he’s probably die the same way if any of them left.